August 09 2005

[b]Kennebec awaits new Post Office[/b]

Posted by Nicole
By Lucy Halverson

Residents of Kennebec are still waiting for construction to start on the new Post Office. The townsfolk were informed over a year ago that the Kennebec Post Office was scheduled for replacement.

Postal officials explained the building process to town board members and residents at the public meeting July 2004. Townsfolk were hopeful the old Post Office building would be demolished and removed from Main Street prior to the June 18, 2005 Centennial celebration. That didnt happen.

It was announced in February of 2005 that a building site had been selected. Postal officials determined that the present site of the post office, Lots 12, 13, 14, and 15 of Block 5, Main Street would be the best possible site.

According to John C. Walters, Real Estate Specialist at the Denver Facilities office as of this week bids have not been let on the project. As soon as we have the design completed, we will begin advertising for a contractor, stated Walters. The bid winner will be responsible for the demolition and proper disposal of the old building. Walters indicated it might be another 2 to 3 months before bids are let.

Walters added that a temporary site has been chosen for the Post Office. The old telephone office, located across the street from the present Post Office, will be used.

August 09 2005

[b]St. Marys Healthcare Center welcomes doctor[/b]

Posted by Nicole
Pierre, SD August 2, 2005 - St. Marys Healthcare Center and Medical Associates Clinic is pleased to introduce Dr. Imran R. Khawaja, a specialist in internal medicine. Dr. Khawaja will be serving the Pierre area as well as Presho, Murdo and Onida.

Dr. Khawaja specializes in internal medicine with primary interests in chronic adult diseases, health care maintenance and annual exams, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary and critical care medicine, and minor surgery.

Dr. Khawaja received his bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery degrees from King Edward Medical College in Lahore, Pakistan and Islamabad, Pakistan. Following, Dr. Khawaja relocated to South Dakota to complete his United States residency training in internal medicine at the University of South Dakota School of Medicine in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

August 02 2005

Posted by Nicole

Matt Halvorson earned the first and only run for the Lyman Teener team on a overthrow error by Colome in the first inning of the Region IV B Baseball Tournament Monday, August 1st at the Kennebec field. Lyman was defeated by Colome 18-1. Kimball downed Burke in the second game 10-5. Lyman plays Burke Tuesday night in the second night of the double elimination tournament.

August 02 2005

[b]FCC and PUC Commissioners to take Broadband Road Trip through South Dakota[/b]

Posted by Nicole
Pierre, SD - The Broadband Road Trip will cross South Dakota August 24-25 with four commissioners: Federal Communications Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein and South Dakotas three Public Utilities Commissioners: Bob Sahr, Gary Hanson and Dustin Johnson. The Tour will make a scheduled stop at Kennebec Telephone Company, Kennebec on Wednesday, August 24th at 7 PM. South Dakota has some terrific examples of entrepreneurs applying the most recent telecommunications technology to their businesses in order to compete in the global economy, said FCC Commissioner Adelstein, a Rapid City native. Congress placed a high priority on rural concerns in the Telecommunications Act. We need to ensure that quality service at affordable rates is available to everyone in this country whether they live in rural or urban areas.

The purpose of the trip is to highlight the importance of high-speed Internet to rural America and bring that perspective to the ongoing federal telecommunications policy debate, Commissioner Bob Sahr, who is leading the event, stated. FCC Commissioner Adelstein is a great advocate for our state, and we want to give him first-hand examples of cutting-edge applications and what it means to South Dakota consumers. Some major issues facing the FCC include Intercarrier Compensation Reform, Universal Service changes, and Voice-Over-Internet Protocol.The event will spotlight various businesses as well as individuals in South Dakota that are applying the latest telecommunications technology to enhance their business.

Stops include Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Groton, Kennebec, Pierre, Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, Philip and Deadwood. The businesses visited will vary from a family-owned telephone company, a tribal owned telephone company, a livestock sales barn doing Internet sales, and historic Deadwood whose businesses are promoting tourism via the Web - capitalizing on the cable TV show with the same name, Commissioner Dustin Johnson added
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