May 15 2012

Fishing On The Missouri River Is Excellent

Posted by Lucy

Fishing On The Missouri River Is Excellent

Weather forecast for the upcoming week is 80s most every day – perfect weather to hit the river! Fishing continues to be good and not much has changed as far as bait anglers are using and the depth that they’re fishing. You might consider coming mid-week if you can to avoid crowds.

The Missouri River in South Dakota is one of the best places to fish in North America -not only for walleye, but smallmouth bass, northern, white bass and catfish.
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Lake Oahe

In the Pollock area fishing is really good with minnows and crawlers being used by anglers in anywhere from 3 to 15 feet and some fishing up to 25 ft. – although most fishing is still being done in shallow water. A few anglers are still pulling plugs. With the shallow bite, the shore fishing has been the best in years. Northern are still coming in along with smallmouth bass and crappie.
 At Mobridge there is still a really good bite with anglers using jigs and minnows in 5-30 feet of water. A few anglers are still using crankbaits, with all baits working. Shore fishing is still great around Mobridge – in fact they seem to be doing as well from shore, or better than those using a boat. Fish seem to be biting almost everywhere around the Mobridge area.

At Akaska  fishing is going very well and hasn’t slacked off at all. Anglers are using jigs and minnows with some using Lindy rigs and minnows. A few anglers are starting to use crawlers. Depth is shallow to around 35 feet – but shallow seems to work better. Limits are coming in and the fish are looking very good.

At Gettysburg  the bite is good with anglers fishing in around 10 to 30 feet – again, using jigs and minnows with some starting to use crawlers – all bait seems to be working here too. The smallmouth population is excellent and the bite is on!

Around Spring Creek / Cow Creek the walleye bite is still good from the Oahe Dam into the arm of the Cheyenne River in around 5-35 feet. Anglers are using jigs and minnows or Lindy rigs and a shiner with some starting to use crawlers. Northern are still biting here as they are on the entire river system. They are still pulling in salmon below the Oahe Dam! White bass and smallmouth are starting around this area too.

Lake Sharpe

Fishing on all of Lake Sharpe is still excellent from the Oahe Dam down to West Bend and on to Big Bend Dam. You’ll have to do some sorting of fish, but there are plenty to catch. All areas seem to be good – the stilling basin, bluffs, Farm Island, or Antelope Creek. Main bait being used is Lindy rigs with a shiner or a jig and minnow. Fishing in the Stilling Basin is still excellent. Catfish, northern, smallmouth and white bass are also being caught. 

Walleye are being caught in shallow to about 15 feet or more. Some anglers are doing well pitching jigs into the shallow water. Anglers are starting to use crawlers here too. Take your time on Sharpe – new sand bars are all over, so it may not be what you remember.
At West Bend the fishing is going really well using jigs and minnows or shiners with crawlers starting to be used here too. Some anglers are pulling plugs against the current. The walleye are looking excellent. Smallmouth and white bass are going well in this area.
Around Big Bend Dam on Lake Sharpe there is a very good smallmouth bite. Walleye are mainly on the flats and points. Anglers are u

using bottom bouncers and minnows, with some anglers starting to use crawlers.

Francis Case

Around Chamberlain  fishing is excellent from the Chamberlain Bridge to the Big Bend Dam. A good area seems to be from Boyers to the dam. Fishing is also good around the bridges and on down Francis Case. Anglers are using jigs & minnows in 5 -30 feet depths. Shore fishing has been very good in this area also.

In the Platte  area the fishing results are getting better with limits coming in. Again Jigs and minnows seem to work best, with some still pulling plugs. The smallmouth bite is going well – in the bays and shallow waters – and from shore.

At the Pickstown - Wagner – Lake Andes area fishing is still excellent below the Fort Randall Dam, with anglers pulling plugs or using jigs and minnows. Above the dam, the North Point area and up has limits coming in. Anglers are using jigs and minnows and some still pulling plugs in around 4-15 feet. Shore fishing is excellent all over this area too. Good reports have been coming in on the small mouth bass, northern, perch and crappie bite below the dam. Some crappie are dinner plate size! Anglers can catch just about everything.
Prairie Dog Bay and South Shore have new large parking lots by the boat docks – check them out!!

 Around Lewis & Clark Lake walleye are being caught on jigs and minnows.

On the Missouri River walleye are being caught on jigs and minnows and trolling. Anglers are catching white bass on minnows and they are catching catfish on worms, minnows or stink bait.

Springfield Area – anglers are catching walleye on jigs & minnows and are trolling.

On Lake Yankton crappie are being caught using minnows. Also, a good bite on bluegill, largemouth bass and catfish.

*Please remember that the fishing conditions on the Missouri River change constantly and this report is simply a guideline – a snapshot in time.*

For more information and up-to-the-minute reports on fishing Lake Oahe, please call West Pollock Resort, 605-889-2448; Kemnitz MoRest Motel in Mobridge at 605-845-3668. At Akaska call Akaska Bait Shop at 605-649-7847. Call Bob’s Resort at 605-765-2500 or South Whitlock Resort at 605-765-9762 in Gettysburg. On the lower end of Lake Oahe, call Spring Creek Resort at 605-224-8336, Outpost Lodge at 605-264-5450 and Lake Oahe/Lake Sharpe call Carl’s Bait Shop at 605-223-9453. On Lake Francis Case, contact Cedar Shore Resort at 605-734-6376 or Platte Chamber of Commerce at 888-297-8175 and Circle H Motel in Lake Andes at 605-487-7652.

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