October 13 2004

[b]Kennebec News[/b] by Doreine Anderson

Posted by Kim
Sunday, October 3, dinner and supper guests and visitors in the parental Mary Mick home were Troy and Monica Swanson, Pukwana; Melinda McManus, Allie and Katie, Reliance; and Rodney Mick.
Last week Dennis and Margie Strietz, Parkston; Tatum Strietz, Mitchell, and RaKel Streitz and friend, Winona, Minnesota, were visitors and dinner guests in the grandparental Curly and Josie Schoenfelder home.

Ken Mertens, Sioux Falls, visited his grandparents, John and Marie Houchin Thursday afternoon.

June Brammer and Gladys Manger visited Ethel Riggs Thursday afternoon.

Saturday afternoon Curly and Josie Schoenfelder were in Parkston where they were guests of their grandsons, Ryan, Tanner and Kyle Hohn.. They also visited in the Dennis and Margie Streitz and Reno and Barb Roth family homes.

Doris Hills was in Chamberlain Monday where she met Mildred Svoboda, Burbank; they visited over coffee with Virginia Hade, Texas, Mildred's sister in law.

Irene Koepnick and Doris Hills visited Ethel Riggs Thursday.

Sunday, October 10, 2004, a double party at the home of Jerry Mundlein and Kathy Caslin was held for Jade and Hunter Collins, sons of Jamie and Shelli Collins, Black Hawk. Jade celebrated his 3rd birthday and Hunter was baptized at the Kennebec Lutheran church with Pastor Lori Hope officiating. Sponsors were Nelson and Tracy Brakke. After services grandpa Stan and grandma Rosemary Collins; Justin Collins; Matt and Christie Collins, Carter and Colton; Tyler and Beth McPeak, Highmore; Norv and Debbie Millard, Presho; Trinity Millard, Presho; Larry Juhnke, Vivian; Nelson and Tracy Brakke and Ambrus; Marty Caslin and Lorlen Caslin gathered at Jerry and Kathy's for dinner, ice cream and cake.

Daniel and Alyssa Bogue, Beresford, were weekend visitors of their grand parents, Merle and Marlene Aamot.

Elizabeth MacLanders, Canada, flew in to spend the weekend with her grand parents, Bill and Lola Anderson and visiting with relatives. Danni Anderson visited her several times.

Teri Copeland was a visitor and overnight guest in the parental Wayne and Alta Copeland home Friday; she was enroute to Rapid City.

Brooklyn and Haley Halverson were Sunday visitors in the Har and June Halverson home.

Zeanna Halverson was in Iowa last Saturday to attend a wedding.

Merle and Marlene Aamot attended the Pitchfork Fondue, Brandon, Saturday.

Randy Halverson, Wisconsin, is a house guest in the home of his parents, Har and June Halverson, while he helps with harvest.

Saturday Don and Alice Johnson, Mission, Texas, were visitors and dinner guests in the Zeanna Halverson home.

A week ago Monday, Merle and Marlene Aamot and Sheryl Diedrich and family, Spearfish, were at Custer to watch the Buffalo Round Up at Custer State Park. People parked on the hills to watch-over 8000 people were present.

Last week Monday through Wednesday Zeanna Halverson was a guest in the Bob and Shelly DeMarais family home, Sioux Falls.

Laurie Jarrott and Kacy and Nicole Miller, Sioux Falls, were weekend visitors in the grandma Eva and dad Kenny Miller and brother Jordan Miller home.

Steve and Cindy Feichtner, Pierre, were Friday visitors and overnight guests in the parental Ray and Jean Moore home. Saturday they left for the Hills.

Ronda Klein, Chamberlain, was a Friday evening visitor in the parental Ray and Jean Moore home.

Teresa Hamer was a Friday dinner guest in the parental Catherine Peterson home.

Lorain and Mick Weaver, Murdo, visited Gladys Manger late Sunday afternoon.

Saturday Catherine Peterson visited Bernice Moore.

Saturday Ray and Jean Moore were in Chamberlain, they attended the hospital meeting. Later they met Betty Jean Mertens and granddaughter Casey Wagner, Presho, and all attended the parade and Band Competition. Granddaughter Aerielle was a participant in the competition.

June Brammer, Irene Koepnick and Gladys Manger visited over dinner at the Pony Express Cafe Sunday.

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